Martha Paris Art Blog 2021

This pandemic was a breaking point experience. It was different and unique. To think that something so external, and out of our control changed our established life dynamics is something that has left me stunned.

Personally, it has been an experience that has led me to look inward, to know myself more deeply, and reflect on my own limits. Those, are what I imagine to be the famous “Comfort Zone”, talked about everywhere for better or worse. However, feeling it palpably was an enriching experience.

I became aware of all the “I can’t”, “I don’t know how to do it”, “I don’t have the necessary tools”, “I’m not in the right place” excuses I said every day. An immense amount of non-valid justifications for not exploring or discovering new talents. Even to rediscover forgotten talents, which, after not being practiced in a long time, feel like new ones.

At one point I felt completely isolated and paralyzed. It was there that I understood that staying in the “Comfort Zone” limits our creativity, makes us lose our vision of the future, and takes away the desire to learn new things.

I didn’t know that the “Comfort zone” could be shrunk. What a horror, but it’s true! Staying physically, emotionally, and creatively active is the most enriching thing in life. Learning new techniques, exploring new talents, venturing into new career fields, having new interests, and doing different things keep us active, alive.

Taking risks in a measured way and doing things that we wouldn’t normally do, show us that we can, and venturing out is a challenge!

The lesson I keep learning is that if I stay out of my “Comfort Zone” in a voluntary and controlled way, it makes me feel the joy of life and its emotions.

This path led me to rediscover sculpture. So many years walking along other paths, just to get to the beginning again! I’m starting over, clumsy with my hands and tools, but with an immeasurable love for what I do. This is my path and I hope to share it with you!