MARTHA PARIS ARTartha pis Jewe

Vital Cycles

We can draw the fascinating path of life as a harmonious sequence of cycles that mark the different stages on our path. 

Through our experiences, we give shape to the cycles of our life.  

These may be sometimes large or small, open or closed. 

These cycles can shine like gold or shine with primary colors because they fill our lives  with meaning, clarity and inner light.  

We can also find gray cycles when we go through painful experiences that invite us to grow and mature. 

For me, the best way to graph these cycles is through circles.  

The circle represents evolution and constant movement. These circles tangle, divide, move, and rotate in different directions forming concentric shapes or ascending spirals that, seen from another perspective, create an unimaginable design full of movement, independence and freedom.

Welcome to my collection of Vital Cycles Sculptures 




MARTHA PARIS ARTartha pis Jewe

Dreamed Nature

 In this collection I explore both the shape and the chromatic development of each sculpture. This is how through oil painting and colorful graphic elements I give each piece a unique personality. These pieces are hand-molded, sculpted, cast out of solid resin and painted, by me. A few copies will come from this mold, but all of them will be finished in very different ways.