What i do

Sculptural Jewels and Unique Sculptures

The conceptual approach of my work as an artist is based on a personal narrative, using abstract references from nature or simply from my creative unconscious and sometimes social influences from the world around me. Many ideas arise during my daily activities such as walking, cooking or listening to music, but I must confess that most of the forms I imagine are in that stage of sleep I find myself in, just before waking up. 

Initially I trained as a graphic designer, which helped me develop a special sense towards the formal elements of the design of each piece of art.

Topics such as symmetry, intensity, and balance are constant in my work. The importance of the chromatic study, the incidence of light and the language of shapes, are some of the aspects that I carefully study in my designs. In the development of my work, I take care of every detail, no matter if it’s a small jewel or a large sculpture, each detail has an intention and fulfills a mission within the design.

I make unique jewelry, oil paintings and sculptures. However, what does unique mean? You can be reassured that for every single artwork and piece I create, I have dedicated the time, the concentration and the love in order to achieve what I wanted to convey. A bit of my spirit is incorporated into every piece I make. Additionally, each collection that I create has a matrix design that serves as the axis for the creation of new pieces. I don’t usually repeat designs, they are one of a kind. On many occasions, I use semiprecious stones or crystals as a color point, accents in oil paint or metallic foil and texture. You will find lots of texture in my designs!

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