“Life is a harmonious sequence of cycles”

We can draw the fascinating path of life as a sequence of cycles that mark the different stages of our paths.

Through our experiences, we give shape to the cycles of our life. These may be large or small, depending on their length in relation to the map of our life as a whole.

When we observe our path we can find some cycles already closed off, such as when you finish high school, graduate from college, divorce a partner, or leave a job. You close off a cycle too when you reach your goal in that project you had set for yourself. And of course, there are open cycles that are generally the ones that invite us to evolve. Like when you are born and start a whole cycle of life and evolution.

Like when you start the cycle of spiritual growth. A cycle is also open if it is your purpose when you find your dream partner and start a life cycle together. You open a cycle when you have children and your children’s cycles intertwine with your own. We also leave a cycle open when we deepen our inner knowledge and find that each moment of life offers us something different.

Depending on the experiences we live, our cycles can shine like gold or with primary colors as they fill our lives with meaning, clarity, and inner light. We may, however, also find gray cycles when we go through painful experiences that invite us to grow and mature.

For me, the best way to graph these cycles is through circles. The circle represents evolution and constant movement. It represents a transformation process that has neither beginning nor end. It also represents eternity and the vital force that keeps our reality in motion.

These circles intertwine, divide, move, and rotate in different directions forming concentric shapes or ascending spirals that, seen from another perspective, create an unimaginable design full of movement, independence, and freedom.

How extraordinary is our life!

Welcome to my collection of Vital Cycles sculptures.