“Handcrafted Jewelry and Sculptures for Thoughtful Souls.”

Welcome to my world of art! My love for creating started when I was just a child, and it has been a constant source of joy and inspiration throughout my life. For over four decades, I have explored various mediums and techniques to bring my artistic visions to life. Whether it’s drawing, painting, designing, molding metals, or crafting 3D objects, I am always fascinated by the interplay of light, shadow, color, relief, and texture in my work.

My passion for art led me to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the University of Tadeo Lozano. After working as a professional designer for more than ten years, I decided to set up my own graphic design studio from home to have more time with my family. However, I soon realized that I missed the hands-on act of creating art. That’s when I turned to sculpture and discovered a new passion for handmade jewelry.

In 2013, I enrolled in a jewelry school to learn about various techniques, tools, metals, and stones used in jewelry making. Since then, I have been dividing my time between creating unique jewelry pieces and sculpting meaningful objects that tell stories.

My studio is located at Golden Belt Arts in Durham, NC, where I welcome visitors to experience my art firsthand. Whether you’re looking for a special piece of jewelry to wear or a sculpture to display in your home or office, I am excited to share my creations with you.

Thank you for your interest in my art, and I look forward to seeing you soon!


What I do

The conceptual approach of my work as an artist is based on a personal narrative, using abstract references from nature and my creative unconscious, as well as social influences from the world around me. Many ideas arise during my daily activities such as walking, cooking or listening to music. Though I must confess that most of the forms I imagine are in that stage of sleep I find myself in, just before waking up.

"Handcrafted Jewelry and Sculptures for Thoughtful Souls."

Martha Paris

In the development of my work, I take care of every detail, no matter if it’s a small jewel or a large sculpture. Each detail has an intention and fulfills a mission within the design. You can be reassured that for every single artwork and piece I create, I have dedicated the time, the concentration and the love in order to achieve what I wanted to convey. A bit of my spirit is incorporated into every piece I make for you.

Each collection has a matrix design that serves as the axis for the creation of new pieces. I don’t usually repeat designs as they are one-of-a-kind. On many occasions, I use semiprecious stones or crystals as a color point, as well as accents in oil paint or metallic foil for texture. You will find lots of texture in my designs!

I hope that you can find the perfect piece that is just like you:


Recent Events

My work has been showcased and well-reviewed in multiple events across the United States and Colombia. Some of the most recent events being:

• Center Fest Durham, NC 2019, 2022

• Durham Art Walk, Spring & Fall 2016 to 2022

• Art in the Park. Myrtle Beach, SC 2019 -2022

• Saturdays at Durham Art Market 2016 to 2018

• Every month on the Third Friday Durham in Golden Belt Studios 2019 to 2023