Vital Cycles

In this collection, I reflect on the traces that the journey of life leaves on our way. For me, life is a harmonious sequence of cycles. And I represent these cycles as circles, which in turn serve as the base for these sculptures. I represent, through female bodies the complete humanity. I understand that we are human beings: with souls, bodies, and spirits.

How extraordinary is our life!

Dreamed Nature

In my dreams, I travel through imaginary worlds where multicolored beings and familiar forms inhabit. It is there where this collection of small sculptures in resin and oil paint was born.

I’m sure you will enjoy their colorful presence as much as I did making them.

Inside out face

Layer upon layer overlay reveals our true essence. Dreams tell the purest dimension of being, without rational filters. Dream between colors, shapes, textures, and volumes. I use art as a way to explore
myself, to understand the nature of our being, spiritual transformation, and evolution. Observe and communicate the connection between humans, the cosmos, and the Divine.