My desire and need to create three-dimensional objects led me to explore a variety of artistic media such as metalsmithing, jewelry, ceramics, and sculpture, among others. In my opinion, an artist’s path is diverse and dynamic, and for me, it has been a constant search. I started out as an artist when I was 15 years old and began painting and later experimenting with sculpture. For more than four decades, I have cultivated these two disciplines. During the past ten years, I have complemented my artistic pursuit by working with metals and semi-precious stones.

I love doing what I do, I love inventing, playing, and creating with my hands. At this point in my life, I’m interested in taking up sculpture through modeling plasticine clay, as well as learning bronze and resin casting and merging design with silver and semi-precious stones. I’m passionate about my work and I feel comfortable designing both small and large sculptures or just bending and welding metals in jewelry. I love the touch of color that a stone gives to a jewel, and the versatility of oil painting on any surface, and I believe it’s fascinating to find that different techniques can be mixed, fused, and complemented to create an intriguing balance in the different designs.

What do I communicate through my art? While it’s good to look at what’s on the outside, the truth lies within. My art attempts to remind us to slow down in life and reconnect with our inner world. It’s only by finding inner peace that we rediscover our essence.

I believe that all human beings build their reality and circle of life on a daily basis. The circle is the dominant element in the majority of my artistic compositions. It has the energy and flow that best describes the inner strength of every human being. It also expresses harmony in its movements without causing damage to what’s around it. The circle easily integrates into any environment. Additionally, there’s an indescribable magic that occurs when a circle is repeated in concentric patterns, and even more so, when these patterns are observed in the correct perspective as they play and form spirals.