Introducing Vital Cycles Sculpture Collection

Life is a captivating journey of interconnected cycles, and my Vital Cycles sculpture collection embodies this sentiment. Each sculpture in this collection is a tribute to the profound nature of life’s ever-evolving cycles, which shape our existence and imbue it with meaning.

Our lives are a kaleidoscope of cycles, marked by significant events that impact us in various ways. Some cycles close, while others open up new opportunities for growth and transformation. Every experience we have contributes to the shape and length of these cycles, and each cycle adds a unique hue to the canvas of our lives.

To capture the beauty and dynamism of these cycles, I have chosen the circular form as a representation. A circle is a symbol of constant movement, transformation, and eternity. It embodies the essence of life’s continuous flow and the vital force that animates our reality.

In this collection, you’ll find circles that intertwine, divide, move, and rotate in different directions, forming concentric shapes or ascending spirals that create a breathtaking design full of movement, independence, and freedom. These sculptures are a testament to the extraordinary nature of our lives and the endless possibilities for growth and evolution.

As you explore each sculpture, you’ll witness the interplay of colors and textures, reflecting the varied hues of life’s cycles. Some sculptures shine with the radiance of gold, while others display a rich palette of colors, evoking the beauty of life’s joyful moments. And yet, others may convey the solemnity of gray, representing the painful but necessary experiences that invite us to mature and grow.

Welcome to my Vital Cycles sculpture collection, a celebration of life’s endless journey, and the captivating beauty of its cycles.