Looking for ways that were simple, pleasant, and friendly came to mind, as certain animals of nature always come to mind and I don’t know why they are so familiar to me. I remember when I started the jewelry casting course and I was getting to know carving wax, the first thing I carved 8 years ago was a lizard, then a turtle, then a snail, and then a frog, all of which can be found in the “Nature” collection. jewelry cast in 950 Silver.

Without rationalizing it, unconsciously in 2020 the first thing I started to model were these same animals in plasticine to start my first collection of sculptures called “Dreamed Nature”. Personally designed and uniquely finished with oil painting, graphic elements that make them very personal, and gold accents. They are small sculptures that have a special force due to their shape and color management that makes them collector’s items. I’m sure they will stand out anywhere they are placed.

In particular, this collection makes me very happy because it combines many lessons that I have had throughout my life, such as: modeling a piece in plasticine, making a mold, casting in resin, and then oil painting. with its transparencies. The graphic elements take on particular importance here, the repetition of lines, points, spirals, and circles gives each sculpture a significant graphic richness.