Blue Turtle


The Blue Turtle is a small resin sculpture with oil colors and metal gold leaf. It belongs to the “Dreamed Nature” collection. This piece is hand-molded, sculpted, cast out of solid resin, and painted, by the artist. A few copies will come from this mold, but all of them will be finished in very different ways. Details Circle Base 4” x H3,5” x D5” Single Piece, Indoor Sculpture There are different meanings associated with the turtle, but the one that Martha considers to be closest to her personal preference is that the turtle teaches us the importance of walking our own path without allowing ourselves to be contaminated by external influences. The turtle inspires us to follow what the heart dictates and to be true to ourselves. Let us always bear in mind that the shell of turtles serves as protection when they feel threatened. They don’t need anything else. Its message invites us to learn about the value of caution. In addition, the turtle is wise when it teaches us that we should not let problems, fears, uncertainty, and criticism affect us too much. Creating our own shield is the best way to guarantee inner peace. Calm and patient on the route. Thanks for shopping and support my art!

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