Brown Frog


The Greenish Brown Frog is a small resin sculpture with oil colors and gold paint. It belongs to the “Dreamed Nature” collection. This piece is hand-molded, sculpted, cast out of solid resin, and painted, by the artist. A few copies will come from this mold, but all of them will be finished in very different ways. Details Circle Base 4” x H 3 1/2” x D 4 1/2” Single Piece, Indoor Sculpture There are different meanings associated with the frog, but the one that Martha considers to be closest to her personal preference is that the frog symbolizes the transition of opportunities. In other words, the amphibian helps you to swim easily through the difficult changes in life. She represents the creative energies of awakening and transformations. The meaning of the frog also represents abundance on all levels. It invites us to improve intuition and strengthen the connection with the spiritual world. Thanks for shopping and support my art!

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