Olive Green Lizard


The Olive Green Lizard is a small resin sculpture hand painted with oil colors and metal golden leaf. It belongs to the “Dreamed Nature” collection. This piece is hand molded, sculpted, cast out of solid resin and painted, by the artist. A few copies will come from this mold, but all of them will be finished in a very different ways. Details Base Circle 4” x H3,0” Single Piece, Indoor Sculpture There are different meanings associated with the lizard. But the one that Martha considers to be closest to her personal preference is the one that states that sometimes it’s good to take things slow in order to have a better view of what is happening around, to become aware of, and, that if the situation requires it, it is better to be still and calm. Staying immobile does not mean being passive. Just like the lizard, we must try to be in tune with our environment to discover what is happening around us and anticipate things before they happen. It is vital to focus on being alert and reacting quickly, because life is full of unexpected situations.

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