Recipient for the 2022/2023 artist support grant This project was supported by the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and Durham Arts Council,  local grants administrator.


Looking for ways that were simple, pleasant, and friendly came to mind, as certain animals of nature always come to mind and I don’t know why they are so familiar to me. I remember when I started the jewelry casting course and I was getting to know carving wax, the first thing I carved 8 […]


Introducing Vital Cycles Sculpture Collection Life is a captivating journey of interconnected cycles, and my Vital Cycles sculpture collection embodies this sentiment. Each sculpture in this collection is a tribute to the profound nature of life’s ever-evolving cycles, which shape our existence and imbue it with meaning. Our lives are a kaleidoscope of cycles, marked […]


Like life itself, the creative process is dynamic. It is not pigeonholed in the possibilities offered by a medium but rather expands as new techniques become known. In my personal case, circumstances have always played in my favor to enrich my creative possibilities. This is how in this path of constant search I have met […]


My desire and need to create three-dimensional objects led me to explore a variety of artistic media such as metalsmithing, jewelry, ceramics, and sculpture, among others. In my opinion, an artist’s path is diverse and dynamic, and for me, it has been a constant search. I started out as an artist when I was 15 […]